B2B: How Fanzart Helps You With Your Business

The 21st century digital age is upon us, and as times evolve, we evolve as well. Businesses today are getting smarter – they’re doing up their space in a way that’s not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also practical enough to provide a comfortable space for both the employees and their patrons.

Being the largest designer fan brand in India, Fanzart is completely on board with the idea. We firmly believe that technology and beauty together can bring about evolutionary innovation.

In a rather short span of time, Fanzart has become a market leader in the field and is committed to creating exotic designer fans, for not only designer homes – but for corporates, businesses, and offices too.

So what we’re saying is, if you run a business, and are looking to make your space a whole lot better, we can help you achieve just that. Here’s how:


We’ve seen a ton of high-rise corporate towers pop up in the metropolitan cities of India in the past couple of decades or so. As the number of buildings and offices go up, there’s an increase in demand for fans as well, because fans allow the offices to be well ventilated, thereby not causing a room to feel stuffy.

However, it’s next to impossible to have regular fans in corporate offices. Most of them contain false ceilings and a centralized AC system, making it extremely difficult for fans to fit into the mix.

However, all’s not lost. Fanzart has a terrific range of false ceiling fans that fit seamlessly and effortlessly into your ceilings. Not only do these false ceiling fans beautify your office space, but they also obviate the need for an AC – thereby saving you tons of money in power bills!

Our Pick: The Invento LED, or The Invento Slim!

Restaurants & Villas

OK, granted, most restaurants and villas can have room for ceiling fans – and yes, we have a whole range of luxury fans for you, in case that’s what you’re looking for. However, sometimes it’s not feasible to have ceiling fans. Or well, it’s maybe just more convenient to have floor fans. It all depends on whether you’re in an indoor or an outdoor setting.


As mentioned earlier, we do have a range of fans (over 95, at our last count!) for indoor spaces. Each one of these fans is customisable, and adds an element of gorgeousness to your space. In a way, it can double up as decor too.

The ceiling fans come in all sizes – from two blades to five; from fans with top-notch technology to fans with chandeliers! It all depends on the amount of space you have. Apart from ceiling fans, there’s a range of wall-mounted fans and even pedestal fans that you can pick from, in case you’re not blessed with a lot of room.

Our Pick: The Rave, The Twinz, or The Elegance


Now, when it comes to outdoor spaces, it’s a different ball game altogether. Quite obviously, ceilings fans go out of the equation – but we at Fanzart do have a particular fan that’s perfect for outdoor spaces – especially to help you tackle the swelling summers!

Called the Aquajet, the mist fan has become somewhat of a bestseller across India, especially during the summer months! With its refreshing breeze of mist spreading over a large area evenly, the fan is the perfect pick to beat the summer heat. The Aqua Jet Mist Fan excels in outdoor spaces as it spreads mist and brings the temperature down by a whopping 8 degrees Celsius! The outdoor variant comes custom-fitted with three articulating wheels that make it extremely motile and provides the user ease-of-access.

Our Pick: The Aquajet, or The Rodeo!


Hotels face a similar issue to restaurants when it comes to space – but more so in the rooms, were having a ceiling fan could have disastrous consequences. For example, if someone stands on the bed and gets hit in the head with a fan, it’s a massive problem. Sure, it might sound funny to us, but for hotels, it’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

However, this is where our range of pedestal, table, and tower fans come to the rescue. The Tower Fans, especially, are just as powerful as the ceiling fans, technologically advanced, and do the job with relative ease.

The crown jewel here, though, is the Humanoid. Truly a modern Pedestal Fan, it comes equipped with 360º rotation, and with a ‘Human Tracker’ as well. In other words, it’s crafted in a manner that allows it to smartly adjust its rotation based on where humans are seated!

It offers the perfect alternative for those who aren’t entirely comfortable with ACs, or if you need air circulation during those chilly winter evenings too!

Our Pick: The Humanoid, Or The Tron!

All in all, Fanzart’s luxury fans are crafted not just for beautiful homes, but to help business thrive, and to look like a million bucks while doing so. You can learn more about the fans by visiting our website here!