How to customize your ceiling fan – A guide by Fanzart

You are unique in everything you do. So why shouldn’t your fans be more like you? If you look up at your ceiling, what color do you see? Does it match your favourite color?

If you look around for the best designer fans in India, you might find many kinds of fancy fans, but to have your favourite color customized as per your request is a rare and unique opportunity.

At fanzart, we are proud to bring to your home premier designer fans, now as per YOUR choice. Isn’t that a beautiful breezy feeling?

The question then arises, to what level of customization is this even possible? Your fan blades, fan motor housing or even fan downrod can be totally customized with the color of your choice! 

Would you consider that to be an upgrade for your lifestyle at home? Our clients have reported looking at their ceilings a lot longer than one normally would with these customized beauties!

So, how is this even possible in our luxury fans? Our fan manufacturing partners have gone beyond to accommodate your personal preferences, cause that’s how we like to operate as India’s largest designer fan brand. We believe that luxury designer fans SHOULD allow for customization, as per your own unique style. Why not, we say?**

**This is currently an exclusive beta feature that we are offering, so you would have to shortlist yourself to get this delivered to your doorstep.

If you are an architect or an interior designer, you would surely find this feature useful for your clients, don’t you think? Take a look at the wide array of color palette options we offer, below:

The fanztastic feature of having the entire spectrum of colors. is something we are ever more more proud as pioneers in the luxury designer fan space.

This is an exclusive option available on a select list out of our 100 plus designer fan collections, which span fans with lights (LED Fans), fans with retractable blades, wooden blade fans or even table fans (also known as pedestal fans).

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Our Top 5 Designer Fans we recommend when it comes having your personal favourite color:

  1. Maple: A Maple-Leaf beautifully shaped five-bladed contemporary wooden designer ceiling fan, perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. This designer fan is energy efficient along with being remote controlled for switching blade-directions, if you want that cool breeze experience , or even a slightly warmer airflow in your home.
  • Pine: A 65 inch 3 wooden blade fan best suited for larger areas, living rooms and bedrooms. Also energy efficient and whisper-quiet, and available as Pine Plus.
  • Cherry: This 52 inch designer fan has three natural wooden blades, amd also comes in a cuter 36 inch version!
  • Salsa: Add your favourite glossy color to this 3 bladed aluminium alloy designer fan, and watch the colors dance witn a dazzling display of grace and elegance.
  • Zen: Looking for a fan with lights? This 56 inch Multi-coulred LED fan is also perfect for customization as per your choice. It illuminates your bedrooms, living rooms or Dining Area with a radiance that brings serenity to your interiors.

So, what are you waiting for? You can literally choose any colour you like!  Upgrade your home ceilings with your favourite colour. Schedule a consultation call with our fan experts to directly let us know.

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