Fast Cooling Hacks that Save Energy! | How to use your A.C with a Luxury Designer Fan!

Thinking about how to effectively use your A.C with your fan, while creating a luxurious environment at home? Did you know that ou can accentuate your breeze experience, while taking a step towards energy efficiency!

Save yourself some sweat-we’ve got a fantastic hack to help you stay cool inside your designer home, no matter what hot or humid it gets outside!

The best part about this hack is not just the fast cooling of the room it brings about with the help of our luxury designer fans, but also the major savings in energy it helps you achieve when both the AC & ceiling fan are switched on together!

(Estimate: up to 50-70% energy saved)

This makes it an innovative approach that has conscious energy use at the heart of cooling your home, making your home interiors a model for others to follow.

With temperatures soaring to 40+ degrees celsius in many places in India & global warming further making the seasonality patterns around different parts of the country unpredictable.  Our team at Fanzart fans set out to answer these questions to know if our luxury designer fans can help our clients keep it cool on the inside, no matter how hot it gets outside their luxury apartments or designer homes.

With unprecedented temperatures like that, the latent heat of A.C’s is too high, which makes A.C’s stop functioning effectively.

The answer to regulating the temperature of your living rooms, bedrooms or common home areas turned out to be one that required just three things!

  1. Fanzart’s unique “Summer-Winter” mode
  2. An A.C (Any Regular Air Conditioner Brand works)
  3. An intelligent application of thermodynamics! (Yes, we love physics!)

So, what are the two simple steps to help you keep your home’s temperature cool with our luxury designer fans being switched on along with your A.C?

Step 1- Turn the A.C on for 30 Mins, 1 hour, 2 hours or as you please

Step 2-Turn the ceiling fan on in the clockwise direction to vacuum the air upwards & spread it across the room

Here are the top 3 Advantages of using your Designer Fan along with the A.C:

  1. The Fan & the A.C will not both project the air on you, thereby making it fall on you, making you feel uncomfortable.
  • You get the perfect luxurious environment at home, because you have turned off the A.C and allowed the clockwise direction of the designer fan to spread the air evenly across the room.
  • It’s the most sustainable option to cool your home! The BLDC motors in the designer fan would use only 25-30W of power, compared to the 70-90W of power that a conventional ceiling fan would use. When it comes to the A.C, you could effectively end up saving hundreds of watts of power that the air conditioner would normally absorb when switched on for multiple hours!

Watch our executive director give you the explanation that only works with our exclusively designed luxury designer fans here.

Here’s how it works:

Air Conditioners turn the hot air from outside into cool air, which is heavier than warm(light) air. Used together with our unique luxury designer fans, the cool air gets further pushed down by the fan and settles towards the floor.

This can be observed if you’ve ever felt that your luxury home’s interior flooring feels colder than the rest of the room, especially in the upper chambers of the room-cause that’s where the ceiling fan is positioned to push the A.C vent is.

When the clockwise direction of our designer ceiling fan is turned on, it draws air upwards, leaving a vacuum of air that the cooler air in the room then fils up, thus making the evenly spreading it across the room. It’s smart physics that improves the quality of your life at home,  made possible by the innovative Summer-Winter feature offered in 60+ of our limited edition luxury designer fans.

Does your fan have the ability to move in the clockwise direction? Try this hack and let us know how it worked for you!

Want to buy a designer fan that has the ‘Summer-Winter’ feature? Connect with our team to know our luxury fans collection adding art to your ceiling, now.