How to choose a fan- a guide by Fanzart

Ah.. The problem of choice.. If you need a new fan, but don’t know how to go about choosing JUST that perfect one for YOU-why not let Fanzart shed some light on it? (like many of our designer LED fans would!)

We understand that one can feel a bit overwhelmed with so many Fan-tastic options that transform your ceilings (or home or commercial interiors too!) With each of our elegant fans possessing exceptional functionality-selecting your favorite Fanzart model out our 100+ designer fan models can get hard to choose from! After all, you know that you can find a Fanzart that’s just as unique as you!

But how can one simplify this search-so that it feels like your Fanzart was custom-made for you? We’re talking about that unique, beautiful aesthetic. We’re talking about that perfect color to match your home furnishings. We’re talking about the PERFECT designer fan that does it all-and gives you an unmatched luxurious breeze experience, everytime(and to top

it off- it’s ‘Whisper-Quiet’).

To help you suit different interior accents or mood-boards of your home- we have categorized all of our unique designer fans in 11 unique collections for designing your home or commercial spaces. If you’re an interior designer or architect in India or anywhere in the world-just download our super-handy product catalogue. This detailed fan product catalogue would help you with all the technical information you oh-so-needed for your home interior projects!

If you’re a non-trained professional in the home designing and interior design space-here are some of the questions we can help you answer:

  1. How can I choose a fan for my room? (specific interior use-cases)
  2. How can I choose a designer fan by Design or Material type (Sweep, Blades e.t.c)
  3. How can I choose a designer fan by Performance? (Airflow, energy-efficiency, e.t.c)
  4. How can I choose a fan by its size?
  5. What features should I have in my designer fan?

      (Bonus: How can I Customize my own luxury designer fan?)

So, without further ado, here’s presenting our complete guide to choosing the perfect designer fan for your interior space in 2021 (and beyond)

1.     Choosing a designer fan by interior use-cases (Location of your Fan)

Let’s get specific. Where do you plan on placing your fan? The obvious answer aside (look above you)- specific designer fans can suit specific locations.  A ceiling fan for your bedroom isn’t the same as a ceiling fan for your balcony-as each location has its own unique weather elements that affect the performance of your fan. It’s important that you choose your designer ceiling fan based on the location it is best designed for.

For example, let us consider that you are looking for a designer fan for your dining room space. You gather around with your family or friends in this area during certain specific times in the day for a specific purpose-to enjoy a meal in silence. Speaking of silence, you get a superb “Whisper-Quiet” experience with ALL of our designer fans! (It’s our USP!)

But wait, let’s dive in a bit deeper. Say you have a smaller dining table area and are asking yourself whether our designer fans would even fit in there-opt for a wall-mounted designer fan like the Fanzart Edge (offered in black or white matte finish)! This innovative 15 inch fan  also serves perfectly as the optimal solution when you don’t have an electrical socket point above your dining area–providing you a clutter-free, beautiful aesthetic that refreshes you with a luxurious breeze during every meal!

For mid-sized dining spaces– Fanzart offers retractable blades in some of our designer ceiling fans. These designer fans can unfurl or unfold to reveal themselves only when switched on-like in the Fanzart ‘Venetian’,  the Fanzart ‘Rolex Gold’ or the Fanzart ‘Shadow’. In the time when they are not used, it can serve you as a statement centerpiece for your dining table area. With mood lighting LED options, you can even set the ambiance of your meal according to your taste. It’s not just a fan-it is a Fanzart after all!

When it comes to our Fandelier (Chandelier+Fan) fan collection- these aesthetic yet super-functional luxury fans have been specifically designed for your artistic dining experience. They save the space a light fixture would generally take, creating a beautiful focal point that serves as a fan plus serves as a chandelier. Now that’s what we call smart design thinking.

The Multicoloured LED light kit and patented technology Vortex Blades are hidden by the Fandelier’s smart design. The Brushless DC (BLDC) motor makes these designer fans energy efficient too!. Along with our unique ‘Summer Winter‘ feature and dedicated remote control, these fans make for the best option available in the market when it comes to looking for a fan that makes every meal more memorable.

In case none of these options seem like the right fit for you-consider how well our Smart Pedestal Fans would suit your dining space. Some like to call these tower fans or standing fans-either way-they serve the purpose of ventilating your dining area while adding a unique designer touch to your home.

Now that you can get a sense of how you can fully get to experience the utility of a Fanzart in the Dining Area (which usually has only one electrical point above it), let’s shed some light and breeze about some of the specific features that add value to your dining experience:

  1. “Summer-Winter” feature- Yes, your Fanzart fan can help keep your food warm! How is this even possible with the help of a fan? Watch our founder Tarun Lala explain here. It’s sheer genius!
  • “Whisper-Quiet” feature- Why have pesky fan noises during your meal-time when you can eat your lunch or dinner in silence? It feels really good to focus on the taste of what’s cooked and serves you as nutrition-rather than those (avoidable) fan noises like whirring sounds, mechanical sounds or worse!
  • Remote Controlled Fan-Dedicated Fan remotes ensure that you can switch fan speeds (and your dining  room temperature) at ease-all while staying seated.

What about larger dining halls in hotels, cafes or restaurants? (Indoor or outdoor areas) For those specific use cases, once again, we have specific fans to suit your commercial space requirements.

For a deeper understanding, do have a look at our Industrial Refined Collection-we shall circle back to this later in our ultimate guide to choosing a designer fan-but for now-know that similar to the dining area use case-we have a designer fan for every specific use case of your home-whether it be your living rooms, bedrooms, foyer areas, kitchens, patio, balconies, puja or prayer rooms, walk-in closets, bathrooms or even double-height (or triple-height) ceilings!

Specific for Large Outdoor Areas

The IP 54 certified Aquajet mist fan is perfect for your outdoor spaces, be it the garden area, parks, terraces, pathways(or even stadiums!). The Aquajet is an all weather fan and is best suited to cool down the area with its exceptional mist. The IP 43 certified Summer Garden is perfect for outdoor spaces that do not get heavy rainfall.

The Summer Garden is perfect for the family to sit down and have a cup of coffee around the granite table. Even some of our designer fans from our Tropical Collection work perfectly for such use-cases.

2. How to choose a Fan by Design (Blades or Material Types)

Match the aesthetic of your home interiors with designer fans that make styling a breeze!

There are many ways to go about finding your perfect Fanzart. Read on:

We have categories such as :

Classical, Simply Modern, Contemporary Wood Crafted, Fandelier, Crystal, Refined Industrial, Recessed ceiling, Smart series and outdoor / Mist fan collections.

Choosing by Mood Boards

Find one from these that matches your home’s vibe best:

Neo-classical, Contemporary, Hollywood Glam, Victorian, Bohemian, Refined Industrial, Industrial Chic, Scandenevian, Transitional, Coastal, Rustic, Tropical, Minimalistic, Shabby Chic, Victorian, Traditional, Vintage, Mediterranean, Craftsman.

Not sure what these would look like? Schedule a consultation call with our team.

Choosing by Blade Finish or Blade Material

Natural Wooden Blades or Reflective high-quality ABS blades? Natural Rattan texture or Fine Acrylic? Perhaps the beautiful Matte finish? We offer our 100+ models in various blade materials and blade finishes-to suit every style as per your liking!

Choosing by Number of Blades

When it comes to fan blades, we often get asked quite a few questions as India’s number one premier destination for all things fans such as “Are 4 bladed fans better than 3 bladed fans?”. The correct answer is specific to your exact airflow requirement, room dimensions and personal preferences- as for us, we offer 2 bladed luxury designer fans like the wooden-finish Blaze, all the way up to the 14 bladed Venetian.

“What fan size should I buy?” or “How do I know what is a good fan?” are some of the more common questions, but with so much variety, we’ve had more technical questions coming too. Over nine years of helping all kinds of clients out, our fan executives are now poised to answer any doubts one may have when it comes to our designer fans.

3.  Choosing a Designer Fan by Performance

Choosing By Airflow

Before we discuss how you can choose your designer ceiling fan based on airflow, it’s important to understand that CFM isn’t quite dependent on RPM.  

To break it down-RPM stands for Rotations per minute and refers to how fast the blades of a fan spin at a specific speed. The faster the blades spin-the more air they move, which refers to CFM (Cubic-Feet moved per Minute). However, this is contingent on three vital parameters related to the blades of a designer fan- the Blade pitch, the Blade size, and the Blade width.

Fanzart’s  luxury designer fans have been designed for greater air displacement, with our CFM starting from 6875 and going all the way up to 14,188. The right combination of these 4 parameters, including RPM, enables our unique ‘Whisper Quiet‘ Technology, with most Fanzart Designer Fans under 40dB.

For the complete detailed break-down-have a read through this article

Choosing by Motors

You are a conscious human being and your choices reflect that. Our BLDC (Brushless DC) designer fans use just 20-35 Watts of energy, saving you up to 70% energy as compared to normal fans. BLDC fan motors are more compact and lighter than standard AC motors, which allows them to generate greater torque and consume 70 percent less power. It’s time for us to come together for the greater good of our planet. In fact, if all of India switches to BLDC motors, our country can end up saving 3MW per hour! That’s huge!

4. Choosing your Fan by Size

What’s your personal favourite size? Does a compact fan suit you better or would you like your designer ceiling fan to be the center attraction of your room? As ceiling fans are not one-size-fits-all fixtures, we offer a plethora of choices with different blade sweeps, ranging in size from 15 inches to 93 inches. Selecting the right fan will depend on the size (square footage) and height of your room.

Recommended Downrod:

The fan base should be at a minimum height of 8 feet in order to provide you with sufficient breeze. Based on room height, the downrod lengths can be calculated. A non-standard downrod is used when the ceiling height is greater than 10 feet. See our downrod sizing guide to determine which length you will require for your ceiling height.

5. Choosing a designer fan by it’s Features

What purpose should your fan serve you? (Other than keeping your room well-ventilated). With a designer fan brand such as Fanzart, we go above and beyond to provide you a luxurious breeze experience. Here are some of our most coveted features, which can help you determine what you would want in your very own designer fan.


If you often find yourself noticing the subtleties, you might also notice how much noise your fan usually makes. There are all kinds of fan noises that mess around with your peace-be the clicking noise, humming noise, whirring noise, or other mechanical noises. To this, we say, no more!

Our ‘Whisper-Quiet’ proprietary technology is a lifestyle-upgrading feature-enabling all of our designer fans to be super-quiet, (emitting no more than 40 decibels!). Allowing you to work in peace or sleep in peace, this is truly our USP due to it being our proprietary patented feature. Think of all the times you have ignored those fan noises-just to have it constantly annoying you in the background.  Walk into any of our 80+ retail experience centers in India to hear what pin-drop fans actually sound like for yourself-just enjoy that refreshing breeze!


Our designer fans help solve the age old ceiling fan problem! Now, sleep better with fanzart ‘s technologically advanced ‘Summer-Winter’ feature ↪️↩️that allows your unique fan to move both clockwise and anti-clockwise at the touch of a button! Your fan moves anticlockwise to give you cool breeze during summer and clockwise allowing circulation and to provide you with a warm and cozy feeling during winters.

This has multiple uses-from keeping your food warm, to be used along with your AC

AC and Fan combination

The unique Summer-Winter feature present in our Fanzart luxury designer fans allows you to circulate cool air that comes from the AC and instead of it settling down, the cold air is vacuumed up by the fan and spread in the whole room. This is done by switching the rotational direction of the blades. Your luxury designer fan would push the air up and draw that hot air down the side walls of the room. You would feel practically no air movement underneath and only a little air circulation closer to the walls. You can also save on energy costs when the ceiling fan is in the correct setting to support your cooling efforts.

We always like to go above & beyond, and as promised- we have a bonus way to choose a fan for you! This one is by COLOR! We are proud to say that we are the only luxury designer fan brand in India that offers complete customization for you!

The question then arises, to what level of customization is this even possible? Your fan blades, fan motor housing or even fan downrod can be totally customized with the color of your choice! Choose from over 140+ unique colors.

Here are the top 5 fans you can customize as per your color preferences:

Fanz in the list:

1: Divine

2: Grandmaster

3: Polo

4: Pluto

5: Jumble

We hope this guide gave you clarity as to which kind of designer fan would suit you best. Talk to our fan experts to zero in on how you can get your very own Fanzart delivered to you, now.