How to personalize your designer fan’s blades, housing or downrod colour! | Top 10 Customizable Fanzart Fan Models

Challenge the stereotype, and what’s considered to be ‘normal’. Transform the appeal of your home interiors with our alluring, limited edition customizable luxury designer fans, which can be fully personalized to unleash your inner artist.

Commemorating #10YearsofLuxury with a feat that’s never been done by any designer fan brand in India before~ our latest innovation in some of our 130+ exclusive designer fan models allows you to express yourself wholeheartedly, in any colour you like (choose from over 3600 color options!) We understand that this can bring up a few queer questions, so let’s get to the bottom of the top 3 frequently asked questions(FAQ’s) our patrons ask us when it comes to customizable luxury designer fans.

Q1) What parts of a ceiling fan can I customize?

A1) Literally, every visible component of your designer ceiling fan can be made bespoke to include your favorite colors! From the length of your designer ceiling fans downrod to the colour of it, you can now apply your favourite colour to compliment the theme of your luxury interiors.

Q2) What colours can I customize my designer ceiling fan with? 

A2) Pick any colour you like from a wide spectrum of 3600+ colour options! From a royal blue to a lush cherry wine, we have pioneered innovative processes & solutions for you to custom-create the look of your luxury ceiling fan!

Q3) Which of your designer fans can I customize?

A3) Marking #10YearsOfLuxury for Fanzart fans(Since 2012), we recently published an exclusively curated list of our top 10 luxury designer fans that can be customized!

Here’s a quick reckoner of these very special luxury ceiling fans, packed with unique features like “Summer-Winter”, BLDC Motors, Multicolored LED lights & our proprietary “Whisper-Quiet” technology that delivers a silent breeze effect(<40 dB)

Which of these beautiful luxury ceiling fans did you like best? What colour would you apply to it? Take pride in owning your very own designer fan