“Refreshingly Crafty”
Fanzart brings you wall mount fans that ooze luxury and design. The innovatively crafted wall mount fans can be an eye-catcher as soon as you step into your space.
Whether a corner space or a room with a double height ceiling or a statement piece in your pathway or when the floor space is massive, and you want to direct the breeze towards a specific area, Fanzart’s Wall mount collection is indeed the right choice. They help in circulating the air in all directions from an elevated place and give you a refreshing breeze. Moreover, wall mounted fans do not cover up much space hence making them an ideal choice.

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Atom Wall Mount – 34″ Wall mounted fan with 4 x natural wooden blades for double height ceilings

Fanzart’s Atom, a stunning and deceptively fast designer wall-mount fan is the perfect choice to adorn your walls. The Atom is best suited if you have a smaller area, balcony or when you want to direct the breeze to a particular area in a larger space.This fan is perfect for wall mounted and double-height ceiling use cases. Also available as Atom – Ceiling Fan  

Edge Wall Mount – 15” Wall Mounted fan with 3 x ABS Matte Black blades, 90 degree Oscillation, BLDC motor and Remote Contol

Fanzart’s EDGE, a small-and-compact yet exceptionally fast wall mount designer fan is an eye catcher. The edge can adorn your wall or your ceiling as per your wish.This fan is perfect for wall mounted and double-height ceiling use cases.Also available as Edge – White