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Twinz Ceiling Mount – 52” Tropical fan with 8 x Hand Crafted Natural Wood fan with Remote Control

Fanzart's Twinz doubles up your experience. The Twinz adorning your double-height ceiling adds a tropical touch to your interiors.This fan is perfect for wall mounted and double-height ceiling use cases Also available as Twinz – Wall mount Mood Boards: Tropical, Bohemian, Industrial, Mediterranean, Craftsman

Twinz Wall Mount – 52″ with 4 x Hand Crafted natural wooden Wall Mounted fan for double height ceilings

Fanzart’s Twinz is the perfect choice to style your home décor to give it a modern yet traditional look. Twinz wall mount is ideal for larger spaces and can keep your space well ventilated and breezy.This fan is perfect for wall mounted and double-height ceiling use cases. Also available as Twinz – Colossal Ceiling Fan  

Vienna Black – 52″ Modern fan with 4x Customisable Matte Black Special treated Plywood, Summer-Winter feature and optional Remote Control Integration

Fanzart's Vienna Black, a luxury ceiling fan from Fanzart, is elegant and powerful. The sleek design in combination with the striking matte black finish is all it takes for this beauty to rule your bedroom. Mood Board: Scandinavian, Minimalistic, Modern Contemporary