1.Goods can be exchanged with 7 calender days from the date of receipt. However any product, once opened and installed cannot be exchanged.

2.Please retain the Invoice cum Delivery Note for all future reference & communication.

3.Please check the goods before receipt/delivery.

4.Delivery will be made to the address specified on the order by the customer, risk on the goods passes to the customer once delivered.

5.We recommend installation by our technical team available on request at a nominal charge.

6.The products are covered under a technical warranty for any manufacturing defect for one year from the date of this invoice.

Electrical items like tubes, bulbs, chokes , drivers and remotes damages due to power fluctuation will not be covered under warranty.

7.If any of the part/parts are broken or damaged after delivery, they would cease to be under warranty .

8.If any dispute arising from this transaction, the same will be within the jurisdiction of the courts of Bangalore.

9.All other disputes should be referred to a sole arbitrator as per the THE ARBITRATION AND CONCILIATION ACT 1996.

10. LIABILITY Clause : Any Liability arising due to damages to PERSONS ( including death of the person ) , OBJECTS and to the product itself, due to any reason assigned to the product sold under this Invoice would be limited only to the Cost of the Subject Product and NO OTHER CLAIM will be admissible / accepted.

Fanzart collaborates with authorized dealers across the nation, each operating as an independent legal entity while proudly holding the Fanzart dealership. It’s important to highlight that any advance payments to our esteemed dealers are outside the purview of Fanzart’s responsibility. Please be assured that while Fanzart does not assume liability for issues or delays in supply initiated by our dealers, we remain committed to fostering positive and seamless partnerships with our extensive dealer network.