Wall-mounted fans Vs Pedestal Smart Fans-which type of designer fan wins? You Decide!

Wall-mounted fans Vs Tower Pedestal Smart Fans

Decorate an interior space with a Luxury Wall-Mounted fan or a Designer Pedestal Smart Fan by Fanzart’s luxury designer fans (Since 2012)

Ever faced the dilemma of not being able to adequately ventilate or cool an area where a designer ceiling fan cannot be typically installed? Space constraints,  singular electrical fixtures & structural design challenges can be some reasons why buying a luxury ceiling fan won’t cut it for that lush breeze effect you deserve at home, or in a commercial establishment like offices, hotels or even exhibitions! Whether you are an Architect, luxury interior decorator, or a prime homeowner, we have the perfect solution for you to address this challenge, with a distinctive style! Our wall-mounted luxury designer fans or pedestal fans can ventilate a space in a “Whisper-Quiet” fashion while adding elements of grandeur around wherever they are installed. But, which type of fan is better, and for which area? Read on to know

Why choose a Wall-Mounted Fan for designing a space?

Wall-mounted Luxury Designer fans can replace those unattractive-looking long fan down-rods in a double-height ceiling interior space, as Wall-Mounted Designer Fans can be mounted on the walls of these double-height ceiling rooms to deliver a refreshing breeze. Wall-mounted fans are the best solution for restaurants, rooftops, cafes, hotels, bars etc that has double-height ceilings.

Wall-mounted luxury designer fans are perfect for spaces where one would have less floor area (in the case of a pedestal fan) or in smaller areas where you can’t install a designer ceiling fan because of how the interiors are designed.  Bedroom areas, living rooms, studio spaces, dining table areas, WFH office spaces can be decorated with a Wall-fan too.

The installation of a wall fan is simple and easy. Ask our fan experts for more information. You can choose from our great range of designer wall-mounted fans such as our 34-Inch Atom, 15-Inch Edge, or large & powerful Twinz designer fans!

How would a designer pedestal fan help ventilate a space?

In tighter spaces where a ceiling fan cannot be installed with ease, our Designer Pedestal fans or Tower Fans, as some call them as it provides the convenience of a portable fan with the power of a larger fan.

These fans require less maintenance, save a ton of energy, and are light in weight too – which makes moving them around the house a breeze.

You can choose from our impressive range of designer pedestal fans such as Humanoid or Hawk Plus.

Wall-Mounted Fan Or Pedestals fan: Which fan should we choose for Dining Table Area

Our luxury fans solve the problem of having only one electric point near the dining area. One can get confused about which fan would best suit their needs in terms of performance or aesthetics. At Fanzartfans we say, why not pick a designer fan that can serve both needs?

With dedicated fan remotes, switching between fan directions, and ECO features, it feels fantastic to have a meal under our designer fans.

Say you have a smaller dining table area and ask yourself whether our designer fans would even fit in there-opt for a wall-mounted designer fan like the Fanzart Edge (offered in black or white matte finish)!

This innovative 15-inch fan also serves perfectly as the optimal solution when you don’t have an electrical socket point above your dining area–providing you with a clutter-free, beautiful aesthetic that refreshes you with a luxurious breeze during every meal!

Wall-Mounted Designer Fans Vs Standing Tower Pedestal Smart Fans for Living Room Areas:

Purchasing a designer fan for your living room can be a fun and creative experience. You can choose from various luxury wall fans or luxury pedestal fans, each with its unique features like ECO feature, and BLDC Motors.

You can also choose the luxury fan’s objective, whether it be to cool the room down or to add some extra style. Once you’ve chosen the perfect luxury fan, it will radiate a beautiful aura in the middle of your living room and perfectly fulfill its purpose.

Wall-mounted designer fan for your Studio Spaces, Libraries or WFH Areas:

Enjoy your book or attend your work meetings in true golden silence with an exquiicooling experience. All our luxury fans are Whisper-Quiet which means they deliver that amazing breeze under 40 decibels.

How to choose a Wall-mounted fan or Pedestal Fan for your bedroom?


The bedroom is where you come to rest and unwind after a long day. Having an equal amount of breeze in every corner of the room feels great, but often, that is not the case. Perfect for double-height ceilings and villa homes, our luxury wall-mounted fans or pedestal fans can provide a beautiful breeze experience in a hushed silence (under 40 decibels) so that you can sleep peacefully without being disturbed by any fan noises like mechanical whirring, motor sounds etc.

Our Top Pick:

Our wall-mounted 15-inch luxury fan “Edge” delivers a refreshing breeze in every corner of your bedroom.

Wall-Mounted Fan Vs Pedestal fan-Which type of designer fan works best for a Double-Height Ceiling Space?

Double Height Ceilings are ceilings with heights above 20 feet. At these heights, a ceiling fan cannot deliver adequate breeze unless installed with a very long down rod, which does not add to the aesthetics of the double-height room.

In such cases, we recommend our “twinz” fan which delivers the power of two fans in one! (9180 CFM).

Wall-Mounted Designer Fans Vs Pedestal Fans for Hotels, Cafes or Restaurants (Hospitality Industry):

The beauty and durability of our luxury wall-mounted fans have been adorned by luxurious hotels like JW Marriott, Sheraton & more. Premium Restaurants, Cafes and eateries have also installed our designer fans. Why? Because it saves space while upgrading the look of the designer space with its superior designs.

Which of these futuristic luxury fans are more suited for your designer home? We believe that both are great options! It just depends on what you are looking for, how you envision your home, and what your priorities are.

Once you have those answers, weigh the pros and cons, and go through this article again – the choice, we promise, will be easy to make!

Want to accentuate your space with a fan that’s a little more glamourous than a wall-mounted designer fan or luxury pedestal fan? Explore our limited edition exclusive  Fandelierluxury designer fans here.  

Our latest innovation in some of our 120+ exclusive designer fan models allows you to express yourself wholeheartedly, in any colour you like (choose from over 3600 colour options!)

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