a. Fanzart fans are both aesthetic as well as functional. Fanzart fans displace between 6000 and 14125 CFM of air and rotate between 220 and 400 RPM with a blade angle that displaces 3X volume of air more consistently when compared to conventional fans thereby allowing you to experience superior airflow.

a. Luxury Designer Fans are aesthetically appealing, functionally superior and made of finest quality and craftsmanship. They are made to not only give you a luxurious breeze experience, but also beautify your home by adding elements of grace, elegance & grandeur; all while being Eco-friendly and Whisper Quiet.

Other than the above, these are made in Taiwan and hold the highest finishing and quality standards.

a. More than 25 years.

    1. By the look:
      We have a 110 Designer Fan models to suit every part of your home. Each fan contributes to the design in some way or the other. They are classified under Classical Collection, Contemporary Woodcrafted, Simply Modern, Fandelier ® Collection, Refined Industrial, Tropical, Smart Series, Recessed / Concealed and Outdoor & Mist.
    2. By the specific use case:
      We have fans specifically for
      – Dining tables – such as Windflower, Venus, Monalisa, Rolex and more.
      – Walk-in wardrobes: Such as Pappu, Minion and Edge
      – Corporate Offices: Invento LED, Invento Slim LED
      – Hospitality: Aqua Jet, Summer Garden and more.
      – Living room, Bed room, Double Height Ceilings, Balconies & terraces and more.
    3. By the Functionality:

For example: Fans with Sleep Feature or Summer-Winter feature. BL-DC motor or remote controls.

4.By the size: Larger Fans for larger spaces / Double height ceiling fans / Wall mounted fans and more.

See more on How to Choose a Fan.

While all our fans are made to Indian conditions, any electrician and install a Fanzart fan. Our fans are integrated on the Hook-and-bush mechanism – like any conventional Indian fan.

Fanzart installs the fan for you at your home for a nominal fee. This includes AMC for a whole year as well – for every city that a Fanzart showrooms exists. For all other cities, we can have Fanzart experts assist any electricians over phone OR Whatsapp video.

Since the fans are installed after the paint job and cleaning is done, we can install the rods earlier to close your false ceiling, if you have one.

a. All Fanzart fans are eco-friendly and have a low rate of power consumption. Half of our fans come with brushless DC motors (BL-DC) which consume 20 – 35 Watts of power and the rest are AC motor which are between 60 and 80W. Conventional fans are 80-95W for a 3 blade fan. Our fans also come with LEDs which increases the efficiency of your space.

a.Yes! We can adjust the size of the rods as desired. We can go as low as 8 feet height (from floor to ceiling), or as high as 25 feet (floor to ceiling).

Yes, most of our fans can be installed for double height ceilings with custom made rods that are made specific to your requirement. The fans do not wobble and give you continuous refreshing breeze.

While there is no minimum height to install a wall mounted fan, we do recommend you do it at a minimum of 10 feet to avoid anyone walking into it.

Atom and Edge wall mount fans have the option to be installed as ceiling mount fans.

a. We make a small 3-inch hole in the false ceiling to fix our rod and then no further work is required as the canopy of the fan covers the hole altogether.

We have 110 Designer Fan models to suit every part of your home. But we do have certain places where we  can offer you custom solutions. They are:

    1. Polishable blades: We have fans such as Blaze, Maple, Pine, Pine Plus and Atom that come in a light grain / Beech colour.
    2. Custom printable domes: We have fans that come with (LED) domes – like Venus, Baby Venus, Marvel, Venus Plus – that can be customised to any design or favourite character or real picture / image.
    3. We also have fans such as the Susan (total 31 options) that can be integrated to any light fixture or any brand or logos that may be laser cut or 3D printed.Minimum: As little as 1 piece. 🙂

We have 110 Designer Fan models to suit every part of your home. But we do have certain places where we  can offer you custom solutions. They are:

    1. Polishable blades: We have fans such as Blaze, Maple, Pine, Pine Plus and Atom that come in a light grain / Beech colour.
    2. Custom printable domes: We have fans that come with (LED) domes – like Venus, Baby Venus, Marvel, Venus Plus – that can be customised to any design or favourite character or real picture / image.
    3. We also have fans such as the Susan (total 31 options) that can be integrated to any light fixture or any brand or logos that may be laser cut or 3D printed.Minimum: As little as 1 piece. 🙂

At Fanzart, we have a wide range of options to suit your interiors.

The different options of blade materials include :-

  • Natural Wooden Blades.
  • ABS blades.
  • Transparent fine acrylic blades.
  • Aluminium blades.
  • Rattan blades.

a. Yes, the pull chain can be removed and the fan can be connected directly to the regulator. We can even integrate a remote control, at an additional cost.
(Note: For fans with light, You will have to pull an extra phase wire through the wall in order to use the fan and light independently)

a. Yes, we can add a smart remote to almost all our fans at an additional cost.

    1. Dry cloth once a week.
    2. Wet cloth once a month.
      1. One year manufacturing warranty.
      2. 5 years on the motor.

a. Yes! We are always equipped with spares.

The Breeze or Air displacement of a fan is calculated in CFM or cubic feet per minute. CFM is a function of the following:

      1. Blade Size (length & width): Fanzart Fans are on average 4 inches longer than conventional fans covering a larger area.
      2. Effective Blade Pitch: Our fans are minimum 3X in terms of Blade angle and displace more air.
      3. RPM: Our fans rotate between 220RPM and 1150RPM. The 52 inch fans are between 220RPM and 315RPM.By achieving the right mix of these three we have achieved to give you a higher yet luxurious breeze experience – while being eco-friendly (absorbing lesser power) and being completely Whisper Quiet.

Fanzart Fans thereby displace a higher amount of air than conventional fans. In this, we have fans (such as Race, Vienna, Alpha, Salsa, Magnolia, Divine, Atom)  that go at a higher RPM if that is desired.

a. Blades give you a consistent breeze. This keeps it noiseless and achieves the objective of a fan (Which is cooling the body down by 4 degrees). The blades are first decided based on the design of the fan, and then the blade pitch (angle) helps to make the breeze superior, consistent and breezy. The other parameters are blade size and RPM. The number of blades itself is a design decision and hardly makes a difference to the airflow.

a. Our fans vary from 22 inches (Windflower) to 66 inches (Avalon, Pine) in blade sweep or diameter. The higher the sweep the larger area it covers.

We also have the Grandmaster Series that come in sweep sizes of 60 inches, 70 inches, 80 inches and 93 inches.

a. The reversible blade feature is one wherein the blades have one finish / colour on one side and a different finish / colour on the other. So you may have a different looking fan when blades are reversed.

Our wooden fans for example: have a Walnut finish on one side and a Burgundy finish on the other. These are Classic, Diana, Victoria, Elegance.

We also have a fan like Pluto – that has Matte Red colour on one side of the blades and Matte Black on the other. Reversing these blades changes the look of the fan completely.

Fanzart fans with Multi-colour LED light kit gives you the option to switch between warm light, cool light / white light or daylight based on your preference.  We have also introduced Mood light in Magnolia and Magnolia X as well as dimmer options in Windlower, Newton and Divine (White & Coffee).

a. The Summer-Winter feature allows the fan to rotate both anti-clockwise as well as clockwise. The former allows the fan to give you a cool breeze (for the warmer climate) while the latter gives you a cozy warm air effect (for the cooler climate).

Usually fans rotate anticlockwise to give you a breeze. There are times when it’s cold outside or you’re not feeling well, or in a couple – when one wants the fan and the other doesn’t – you may turn the rotation of the fan in the clockwise direction – which behaves as an exhaust and vacuums the air above, thereby giving you circulation rather than breeze. This is also handy over a dining table.

The Sleep Mode feature in some of Fanzart’s leading models, is designed to ensure that the user never has to toggle the controls of the fan to get just the right breeze at various times in one night. Fans with Sleep Mode alternate between higher and lower speeds, ensuring an even flow of air and a uniform comfortable breeze all through the night.

Fanzart has always been at the forefront of innovation. The Brushless DC motor fans from Fanzart consumes around 20 – 35 watts of power. The power consumption is reduced by around 70% and hence the BLDC motor fans are energy efficient, whisper quiet and remote operated.

All our fans are completely Whisper Quiet. Under 40dB – 55dB.

a. Yes! You can use the fan or the LED light independently using the remote control or the pull chain (or the switch if we’ve connected it directly).

a. Each LED consumes 0.5 watts and lives for 10,000 hours. (Based on average usage that is 5-7 years).

Yes, Fanzart fans have a range of fans that not only has a Multi colour LED option but also dimming options. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the light to set the tone of your evening.

a. Yes you can – only for the fans that come with LED bulbs. For the fans that come with LED plates, you cannot.

a. 20-25 years

You can reach out to us at +91 90660 99000. Alternatively you can write to us at sales@fanzartfans.com for any queries / support that you have.

a. Some of our customers as well as partners say that we are the best brand they have worked with in terms of process and service. All our technicians have been trained in Taiwan. Our franchisees have Fanzart certified technicians. Hence we will always do our best to make sure your product and experience are at it’s best.

While you can find third party installers (and yes, anyone can do it), we recommend that you engage our highly trained and professional team of technicians for best installation.

a. Yes, our models Atom, Edge, Twinz wall-mount are popular wall mount fans that can be ceiling mounted as well.

Contact us, we’ll take care of it! 🙂

Our recessed ceiling fan, Invento is perfect if you have lower height ceilings or if you do not want the blades of the fans to be exposed. Alternatively you can also go with a wall mount option like the edge which is compact and provides you with refreshing breeze.

Fanzart’s Venus, Baby Venus and Venus Plus can be customized. The dome of these fans can be custom printed to any artwork of your choice, provided the image you give us has good clarity. The Susan series can also offer a laser cut or 3D printed logo option to be integrated into the fan.

While most fans come with convenventional blade options that are suspended, we do have a multitude of blade options based on use cases. For example – above dining tables people love a chandelier or a light fixture, but miss out on the functionality of a fan. Keeping that in mind, we introduced innovative fans with blades that are either hidden, retracted or collapsed to add to the aesthetic appeal and independently offer you the functionality aspect  when you require it. The types of blades are as follows:


  1. Retractable Blades: The retractable blade fans have the blades resting on top of the light fixture, when turned on the blades spread out to provide you with a refreshing breeze.
    Hidden retractable blades like in the Nebula and Odyssey, the blades are hidden within the light fixture and are visible only when you turn on the fan.
  2. Collapsible Blades: The collapsible blade fans like the venetian and shadow opens (up &) out when turned on.
  3. Vortex Blades: Fandeliers ® like Windflower, Newton & Jumble have hidden / encompassed Vortex Blades that oscillate inside the Fandelier ® and never stretch out, there by making your Fandelier ® continue to look like a Fandelier ®, and just adding the element of breeze.

Fanzart fans are easy to install. Though Fanzart fans are imported, our fans are designed to suit the Indian hook and bush system. Hence, installation is very easy. Whether you’re making, renovating or living there, installing these fans are super easy!

Installation is not included when you purchase our products from Amazon. Nevertheless, you can reach out to our support team to schedule installation for your fan at an additional cost.
Installation is an added buy even if you buy it on the Fanzart website. You get one year AMC free with it.

In case you face an issue with your remote, we recommend you do the following :-

  1. Change the battery of the remote.
  2. In case the remote still does not work, you can reach out to our support team. We will be happy to resolve the issue for you.

– Check if your regulator is on full. The regulation is done by the Remote Receiver.
– Check what direction your fan is oscillating. If it’s in the clockwise direction, you will have to change your direction of oscillation to anti clockwise. For your DC motor fan you may do this from the remote control (either on it, or behind it where the battery is located – based on the model). For AC motor fans there will be a switch somewhere along the housing of the fan, toggle that to change direction. (This is done for safety).
– Check for current fluctuation in your household.
– If your problem still persists get in touch with Fanzart support on +91 90660 99000 or your nearest Fanzart showroom.

a. Yes. We have minimum 3- 6 different speed variations. For further information, please refer to the specification of each designer fan.

Yes, the blades are designed and fixed at a higher blade angle to push more air into the room, ensuring a refreshing breeze. Check out Blaze

Fanzart’ Hawk with its exquisite black and white option is technologically far more advanced than the normal pedestal fan.

A conventional pedestal fan oscillates 180 degrees even if there’s just 2 people in the room and you keep waiting for it to swing by you for the breeze.

The Hawk is equipped with horizontal as well as Vertical oscillation.

The Horizontal Oscillation for the Hawk can be set to  60, 90, 180 and 360 degrees for 2, 4, 6 people in a room. The Vertical Oscillation, enables you to tilt the fan to face upwards and is perfect to use when you don’t want direct breeze as well as ensuring circulation in your space.

Additional features like ECO feature, Sleep Mode, Timer, remote control makes the Hawk one of a kind.

Yes, we provide site inspections to check the feasibility of installing a fan on your ceiling as well as give you an idea of which fan will be best suited for your space. (Based on Design, Coverage, Installation and more).

Yes, we have 3D models of the fans available on Google Sketchup Warehouse under the name “Fanzart”. These will suit Google Sketchup and 3DS Max. You can render your space with one of our fans to get an idea how the space will look.