Fanzart Shivamogga:

Satyam Four Wings

Near Auto Complex, Sagar Road,
Shivamogga 577204

+91 93430 37705

Showroom Timings:
Monday to Saturday: 10 am to 8:30 pm
Sunday : 10am to 1pm


At Fanzart, we have appointed certified dealers to sell and service Fanzart fans in their respective territories.

For a seemless buying experience we recommend you buy Fanzart fans from your city’s appointed designated dealer only.

Delivery and service for any fans bought from any dealer outside of their authorized territory will not be supported for supply, service or warranty by Fanzart. For cities where there are no appointed dealers fanzart will supply and service directly through fanzart authorized service centres. For these cities call fanzart directly at 9066099000