“Classic and Timeless”
Vintage is a style that resonates with the bygone era. The charm and regality that vintage Style exudes are unparalleled. Fanzart’s vintage style designer collection creates a focal point in your room and is the first thing a person’s eye is drawn to when they enter the space.
The vintage collection encompasses a luxurious blend of elements and inviting colours. Their unique sense of history transports viewers back in time in a way that newer creations cannot match. The handcrafted blades, exquisitely designed stained glass, and natural wooden finish help to create the perfect vintage style.

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Trojan Matte Black – 56″ Simply Modern Fan with 3 High Quality ABS Blades in Matte Black Finish, Whisper-Quiet Technology, Summer-Winter Feature, Optional Remote Integration

Category Simply Modern
Sweep 1422 mm / 56 in
Motor Spec: 188 x 14 mm AC
Fan Height: 472 mm / 18.6 in
Remote Control Remote control can be integrated
Best Suited for: Bed Room, Corporate Spaces, Dining Room, Living Room, Balcony Area

Troy Matte Black- 56″ Classical fan with 3x Mild Steel Blades in Matte Black finish, Whisper-Quiet, Summer-Winter Feature

Category Classical
Sweep 1422 mm / 56 in
Motor Spec: 188 x 20 mm AC
Fan Height: 566 mm / 22.27 in
Wall Control Needed