“Modish Industrial Charm”
The Refined Industrial Style showcased in the Fanzart’s collection offers you the unique opportunity to juxtapose the raw with the refined, the sleek and modern with the vintage and classic. The industrial charm is brought out by giving importance to each minute detail.
The Refined Industrial Collection encompasses a sleek look, silver metallic finish, distressed wood patterns. The delightful textural interplay of grainy, earthy wood and smooth, lustrous metal complements the interiors and leaves you with nothing short of a technological marvel.

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Grand Master Black – 100″ Refined Industrial HVLS Fan with 7 Customizable Aluminium Blades in Matte Black Finish, Whisper-Quiet BLDC Motor, Summer-Winter Feature, Remote Control

Category Refined Industrial
Sweep 2540 mm / 100 in
Motor Spec: 180 x 17 mm DC
Fan Height: 503 mm / 19.8 in
Remote Control Included
Best Suited for: Bed Room, Corporate Spaces, Dining Room, Living Room, Balcony Area