How can my fan keep me warm during winter? | Fanzart explains

To leave the fan on or not. That is the question.

Most people, while currently working from home, are left deliberating on this. After all, winter has set in most regions and it does get a bit chilly sometimes.

Traditionally, fans create a draft effect that keeps one cool during summer. This is done by the blades turning anticlockwise, which blows the air downward. However, new-age fans like the ones Fanzart offers on its website can actually save you heater energy costs during winter!

This phenomenon happens when the fans run in a reverse direction, at a low speed to draw warm air up and circulate it through the room. It’s super-quiet, and energy-efficient, with a remote that helps you control the temperature with ease.

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So, what’s going on, technically speaking?

This section happens to be an interesting mix of art and science. The cool air is being drawn up towards the ceiling fan, leaving a vacuum in the center. In turn, the light warm air that generally stays trapped above the cold air, is gently pushed towards the sides of the room and downwards to the floor of the room, filling up empty space. This is done in a way that minimizes the wind chill effect, as wind is not directly coming on to you.

The redistribution of warm air creates a space of comfort, thus you can avoid clunky air heaters, electric-heater blankets, or thermostats in your bedroom.

So if you’ve ever had an altercation with your spouse over the fan speed while resting at night, or switched off those lovely fans while serving dinner, worry no more, the Fanzart fans can help keep you snug & cosy. What’s more, you can easily switch the direction as well as alter the speed with your dedicated fan remote, from the comfort of your bed.

By some estimates, this would help you save up to 15% on heating costs, as your thermostats can be turned down. Now if that’s doesn’t sound smart enough to you, our wide collection of over 60 models, some of which are pure art, will certainly create a space for luxury design on your ceiling, no matter which season it is.

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