What’s The Best Type Of Fan For Your Home?

Doing up your apartment is one of the most exciting, albeit stressful jobs there is. The right choice of interiors determines how beautiful, warm, and welcoming your space is – and it’s no surprise that we spend hours of our time deciding on just the right one.

Having said that, it’s surprising how many people don’t consider the good ol’ fan to being a part of home decor. It’s a necessary part of any home – especially in a country like India, where you need one all year round. So why should it not complement your space, and add to its aesthetic beauty?

And on that front, we have great news. Fanzart has a range of over 95 fans – each one more stunning than the next. The fact that in addition to its beauty, the luxury fans boast the very best of modern technology is an added bonus too. Picking one is easier said than done, though – and thus, we’re here to make your life a little easier.

Be it a small home, a large one, or just a room – here’s how our fans can make your space, and your life, a whole lot better.

A Studio Apartment

The space in a studio apartment (or a one room kitchen, as some people call it) is understandably small. Small spaces also have a tendency to look and feel incredibly clustered. In such a situation, to have a large fan hovering on the ceiling will simply add to the ‘clustered’ look of the space.

The solution?

For starters, a mounted fan on two walls on opposite sides would work wonders – both from a strategic and aesthetic perspective. On the other hand, if you already have grand plans for your walls, a pedestal fan would be a terrific alternative, since it can be easily moved around, depending on where you’re sitting.

Our Picks: The Melody

The Living Room (Smaller Apartment)

The living room in a one or two-bedroom apartment isn’t always the largest, but there are ample ceiling height and space to play around with a fan of your choice.

Whether its functionality or purely aesthetic, there are a fair few options for you in our modern and contemporary range of fans. From the two-blade Blaze to the five-blade Maple, there are more than a few options that you can pick from.

However, if you’re looking for a more ‘modern’ addition, though, you can easily pick from the Metallica, or the Melody – a fan that comes inbuilt with Bluetooth speakers!

Our Picks: Blaze or Maple

The Living Room (Larger Apartment)

If you have a larger living room and a lot more space, it only makes logical sense to adorn it with something that fits to scale. Sure, you could add two or three fans across the length of the room, but if you’re looking to make a bolder or grander statement, then our range of colossal fans should be your best pick.

The one we recommend, most definitely, is the Fandelier. As the name suggests, it’s a combination of the words fan and chandelier. Unique, one of a kind, and oh-so-stunning, the design for the Fandelier has been inspired by the gorgeous city of Venice. Its beauty has been embedded into the look and feel of the fan, and thus, adds more than a touch of resplendence to your space. Furthermore, given its radiance, the Fandelier makes for the perfect ‘centerpiece’ of sorts. The luxury fan has also been equipped with as many as 70 LED lights and 120 crystals – all of which as to its striking beauty. This comes in handy in more ways than one, particularly when not in use, because it doubles up as a home decor product!

When it comes to the fan aspect of the creation, especially its technical features, the Fandelier knocks it out of the park there as well. Called the ‘Venetian’, it has an incredible 14 foldable acrylic blades around its gorgeous LED mounted crystal dome – which means, when not in use, they collapse, fold, and don’t use up any space!

Our Picks: Venetian

The Bedroom

The bedroom is a more ‘intimate’ space, and therefore, needs to be done up as such. Considering your fan plays a crucial role in home decor, it’s imperative that you pick wisely.

As mentioned earlier, Fanzart has a range of stunning contemporary and modern fans to pick from, and would make for terrific additions to your room.

Our Picks: The Dark KnightThe Steal, or the Wave!


Call them homes, villas, or cute cottages, the house has more space – and is usually done up in a more vintage manner. And thus, our vintage range of fans would work wonders in such a situation!

Made using wood, these ceiling fans are majestic and add a touch of nostalgic resplendence to your space.

Our Picks: VaticanPicasso, or Elegance!


So, for those of you who happen to own a farmhouse or an outdoor space, we have fans for you to beat the heat too. Our range of outdoor fans includes the amazing Aquajet – a mist fan that can hold up to 94 liters of water, and reduce the temperature of its surroundings by as much as 8ºC!

Say goodbye to sweltering summers!

Our Picks: The Aqua Jet!

False Ceilings

Lastly, some of us have false ceilings in our house, and in such a situation, it’s often difficult to incorporate fans into the room.

Except, Fanzart’s fantastic engineers have burnt the midnight oil to create a fan that seamlessly integrates into your ceiling, to not only provide you with the best fan experience but also to ensure your space looks absolutely gorgeous too.

Our Picks: Invento, or the Invento Slim!