21 reasons to get a Fanzart in 2021

1)    You add a luxurious look to your interiors, combined with functionality.

Setting the tone for what sheer elegance looks like, Fanzart’s luxury designer fans bring tasteful elements to your interior spaces. We have been defining a separate class for us from 2012 to 2021. Our esteemed clients have refined designer fan choices that speak volumes about them (In a whisper-quiet manner), without them even saying a word. Our luxury fans are utilitarian too, to provide for a rare combination of practicality and superior aesthetics.

2)    You get superior quality

Our 120+ models of luxury designer fans  last long, They are one-of-a-kind in their own unique way, with subtle differentiators that set them apart from any other designer fans out in the market. You’ll know a fanzart when you see one. Find luxury ceiling fans with lights, wall-mounted designer fans, pedestal fans, and designer ceiling fans in our store. Check out our latest launch, the Windflower Gold to know what we mean.

3) They’re really quiet. Like, “whisper-quiet”

Fanzart’s biggest USP is the whisper-quiet feature in its luxury fans. With less than 38dB, you get to experience pin-drop silence while you enjoy a refreshingly exceptional breeze from the fans making sure that you have uninterrupted sleep.

Our unique whisper-quiet technology helps you focus on your work with no annoying whirring or mechanical sounds to disturb you. All of this happens while not compromising on the airflow experience you recieve.

4) It keeps you warm during winter

The fanzart Summer-Winter feature allows the fan to rotate both anti-clockwise as well as clockwise. The former allows the fan to give you a cool breeze (for the warmer climate) while the latter gives you a cozy warm air effect (for the cooler climate).

Usually, fans rotate anticlockwise to give you a breeze. There are times when it’s cold outside or you’re not feeling well, or in a couple – when one wants the fan and the other doesn’t – you may turn the rotation of the fan in the clockwise direction – which behaves as an exhaust and vacuums the air above, thereby giving you circulation rather than breeze. This is also handy over a dining table, to keep your food warm.

5)  It helps you sleep better

The Sleep Mode feature in some of Fanzart’s leading models is designed to ensure that the user never has to toggle the controls of the fan to get just the right breeze at various times in one night. Our luxury fans with ‘Sleep Mode’ alternate between higher and lower speeds, ensuring an even flow of air and a uniform comfortable breeze all through the night.

6) It consumes less power

All Fanzart fans are eco-friendly and have a low rate of power consumption. Half of our luxury fans come with brushless DC motors (BL-DC) which consume 20 – 35 Watts of power and the rest are AC motor which is between 60 and 80W. Conventional fans are 80-95W for a 3 blade fan. Our designer fans also come with LEDs which increases the efficiency of your space.

7) Our luxury designer fans can be customized

We have 120+ Designer Fan models to suit every part of your home. In certain places, we can offer you custom solutions too. They are:

    1. Polishable blades: We have fans such as Blaze, Maple, Pine, Pine Plus and Atom that come in a light grain / Beech colour.
    2. Custom printable domes: We have fans that come with (LED) domes – like Venus, Baby Venus, Marvel, Venus Plus – that can be customized to any design or favourite character or real picture/image.
    3. We also have fans such as the ‘Susan’ (a total 31 options) that can be integrated into any light fixture or any brand or logos that may be laser cut or 3D printed.

The dome of Fanzart’s Venus, Baby Venus, and Venus Plus fans can be custom printed to any artwork of your choice, provided the image you give us has good clarity. The Susan series can also offer a laser cut or 3D printed logo option to be integrated into the fan.

Fanzart also offers a myriad of choices with different blade sweeps, ranging in size from 15 inches to 93 inches. Selecting the right fan will depend on the size (square footage) and the height of your room.

8) Diverse Range of Blade Materials & Types

The most common material for fan blades is metal (aluminum or steel) or plastic (polypropylene). Fanzart’s designer fans can use nylon textile and fiberglass-reinforced polyester, or even nickel alloys. There is a lot of design thinking that goes behind crafting the perfect designer fan for your designer space. Blade Size, Pitch and Width all interplay to provide a great breeze experience, suited to your designer home.

Our reversible blade feature is one wherein the blades have one finish/colour on one side and a different finish / color on the other. So you may have a different looking fan when blades are reversed.

Our wooden fans for example: have a Walnut finish on one side and a Burgundy finish on the other. These are Classic, Diana, Victoria, Elegance.

We also have a fan like Pluto – that has Matte Red colour on one side of the blades and Matte Black on the other. Reversing these blades changes the look of the fan completely.

9) It’s really smart, like Fanz-smart

Our flagship smart offering, the futuristic Humanoid has an in-built human sensor, eco features, 3D oscillation as well as 360-degree rotation. It offers a glimpse of whats’ to come-FanzSmart. This is going to be a cutting-edge new way to add luxury designer fans to your interior spaces, allowing home-automation via IOT enabled systems. Stay tuned for more from us on this, coming soon.

10) Our luxury designer fans are eco friendly

Regulating your fans speed for the perfect comfort is always a hassle. Fanzart’s pedestal collection is equipped with the ECO feature that enables it to smartly adapt its speed based on the room temperature.

11) We have a Pan-India presence

We started in 2012 by aiming to offer the best ceiling fans in Bangalore. Today, we are proud that we went beyond simply giving high-end designer fans in Bangalore to having our luxury designer fans available in nearly 50 cities! If you are looking for designer fans in India or designer fans online- visit us or walk find a store near you.

12) You can groove with a Fanzart

Our luxury designer fans have integrated bluetooth speakers, so play your jam as per your mood. The convenience this feature brings has been appreciated by our patrons who like the resonance and acoustics of music or podcasts being played, from above!

13)  It’s art for your indoors

We have a myriad of fan collections for different kinds of interiors. Ceiling, standing or wall-mount, a fanzart fan gives you a designer solution to your designer homeYou can choose between the various luxury designer fan categories such as Classical, Simply Modern, Contemporary Wood Crafted, Fandelier, Crystal, Refined Industrial, Recessed ceiling, Smart series, and outdoor / Mist fan collections.

 14) It’s got Mood Lighting

Multicolour LED options and mood lighting (dimming option for ambient lighting) allow you to set the tone of your evening with the simple touch of a button. You can use the fan or the LED light independently using the remote control or the pull chain (or the switch if we’ve connected it directly). Each LED consumes 0.5 watts and lives for 10,000 hours. (Based on average usage that is 5-7 years).

15) It moves in any direction you would like.

Yes, our luxury designer fans can rotate all 360 degrees! Fanzart’s pedestal collection with its unique 3D oscillation feature provides you with an extraordinary breeze. These innovative models oscillate horizontally as well as vertically delivering 3-dimensional air-flow. The 3D oscillation in combination with Air Conditioner can increase the efficiency of the air conditioning in a room by spreading the cool air to a wider area.

16) It has Multi-colored Lighting

Fanzart fans with Multi-colour LED light kit gives you the option to switch between warm light, cool light / white light or daylight based on your preference.  We have also introduced Mood light in Magnolia and Magnolia X as well as dimmer options in Windflower, Newton, and Divine (White & Coffee).

17) It senses Humans

Our luxury designer fans can sense you. The human sensing feature present in our fans smartly adjusts the fan oscillation according to your presence in the room. They can be adjusted to 3 different wind speeds and 4 levels of oscillation, at the touch of a button too. This feature is especially unique to the fanzart futuristic humanoid model, an impeccable blend of aesthetics and functionality.

No matter if it’s a Bedroom, Drawing Room, Family Room, Hall, Home Office, Living Area, Office, Study Room, or TV Room, the Humanoid would adjust the air circulation of the space it is in to optimize the breeze experience one feels.

18) Different Fans for Different Spaces.

Purchasing a ceiling fan for your verandah is not the same as purchasing one for your living room. That’s because each location has its unique style and is exposed to unique weather elements which can affect the performance and life of a fan. It’s important that you choosethe ceiling fan based on which location it is best suited for. Fanzart has a fan for every kind of interior space. Our wall-mounted fans always deliver a feeling of “Wow”, which would surely make your guests a tad bit envious. Our Aquajet can service Stadiums and Hospitals. You can find a fan for every type of requirement from our 122+ Luxury Designer Fan Models.

19) It has a remote

Switch the fan speed or direction with a flick of a button. You control your fan in the way you like. In case you face any issue with your remote, we recommend you do the following:-

  1. Change the battery of the remote.
  2. In case the remote still does not work, you can reach out to our support team. We will be happy to resolve the issue for you.

20) Every Nook and Corner gets covered by a Fanzart

Our breeze experiences are unparalleled, with a variety of designer fans providing for a great look in all your interior spaces.  Consult with our fan experts for larger spaces like large living rooms, villas/ bungalows or places with double-height ceilings

21)  You get great service when you get a Fanzart

Every fanzart fan comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty and 5 years on the motor. Some of our customers as well as partners say that we are the best brand they have worked with in terms of process and service. All our technicians have been trained in Taiwan. Our franchisees have Fanzart certified technicians. Hence we will always do our best to make sure your product and experience are at it’s best.

Need more reasons to get a Fanzart or have any questions which are specific to your interior project? Schedule a consultation call with our Fan experts to get your questions answered.