Should I get a smart designer fan in 2021? Think Smart-Fanzart Blog

With India’s power usage hitting record levels earlier in January 2021 (185.82 Gigawatts in a single day), it’s time for us to give a re-think about our daily energy consumption, and what we can do to smartly curtail it.

Fans fall into the category of those electrical appliances that are usually kept on all day(and night). The energy consumption and lack of efficiency of a traditional fan can often be overlooked. Luxury designer fans provide the energy efficiency your fan should be operating at, while still maintaining that designer aesthetic you need for your home or office interiors.

So, is getting a luxury designer fan with smart features a good choice in 2021? Fanzart luxury fans are a perfect combination of beauty and brains. The designer looks are complimented by smart functionalities present in our fans such as the 360-degree rotation of our designer pedestal fans, the 3D oscillation present in some of our designer table fans, the eco feature that enables them to adjust their speed based on room temperature, or the Human sensor which allows our unique designer fans to adjust rotation, based on actual human presence.

“So, how much energy does my fan consume”, you ask? Typically, a ceiling fan consumes around 80 Watts of energy. Some older and larger fans can even draw up to 95-110 Watt.  BLDC motors are a relatively new technology that allows for great energy efficiency. (Upto 70% Savings)

To get into this a bit deeper, let’s understand how BLDC motors work, and why having them present in our luxury designer fans makes for a smart choice.

BLDC Motors:

The Brushless DC motor fans from Fanzart consume around 20 – 35 watts of power. The power consumption is reduced by around 70% and hence the BLDC motor fans are energy efficient, whisper-quiet, and remote operated. It’s a smart and sustainable switch from the standard induction-motor consumption present in traditional fans.

A point to consider if you are looking to buy fans in India- An estimate pegs that our country can save 3MWh a day if we all switched to having BLDC Motors in our fans! That’s massive!

Moving on, let’s learn a bit more about what makes the smart features present in our luxury designer fans actually “Smart”.

Human Sensor:

The human sensor recognizes and tracks the presence of people around, to smartly adjusts its oscillation to give you an uninterrupted breeze. Fanzart’s Humanoid is the first fan equipped with the human sensor. Yep, your fan is intelligent enough to know where you and other people in the room are, so move with freedom

Eco Feature:

Regulating your fan’s speed for the perfect comfort is always a hassle. Fanzart’s pedestal collection is equipped with the ECO feature that enables it to smartly adapt its speed based on the room temperature.

3D Oscillation:

Fanzart’s pedestal collection with its unique 3D oscillation feature provides you with an extraordinary breeze. These innovative models oscillate horizontally as well as vertically delivering 3-dimensional air-flow.

Remote Control Enabled:

Your fan comes with a dedicated remote-so it’s literally as easy to control as touching a button!

360 Degree Rotation

Our luxury designer fans can spin 360 degrees! This is a smart feature that makes us do a little whirl, and get that consistent breeze experience throughout.


It’s easy to control when your fan would remain on or off. All you have to do is press the timer button on the remote to set desired time duration. Your Fanzart ceiling fan will automatically turn off after the set timer.

Where can I use my smart luxury designer fans?

Literally everywhere. The Fanzart luxury designer smart fans can be used in Bedrooms, Drawing Rooms, Family Rooms, Halls, Home Offices, Study Rooms,TV Rooms and even bathrooms! Some of our 120+ models are the perfect fit for commercial spaces like Offices, Restaurants, Hospitals or even Stadiums!

Our collection of fans with smart features has something for everyone. Have a look at our models below:


What makes the fanzart humanoid ‘human’? Is it the human sensing feature, where it smartly adjusts the fan oscillation according to your presence in the room? Or is it the fact that you can adjust 3 different wind speeds and 4 levels of oscillation at a touch of a button?

The future is now. Experience airflow that senses your presence with the Humanoid.

No matter if it’s your Bedroom, Drawing Room, Family Room, Hall, Home Office, Living Area, Office,

Study Room or TV Room, the Humanoid would adjust the air circulation of the space it is in to optimize your breeze experience. A fan remote allows you to manually adjust up to 4 levels of oscillations i.e, 60, 90, 180, and 360 degrees along with 3 different fan speeds. The 3D oscillation in combination with Air Conditioner can increase the efficiency of the air conditioning in a room by spreading the cool air to a wider area. The advent of the Humanoid marks the evolution of smart pedestal fans that can play both functional as well as aesthetic roles in any kind of interiors.


The Tron is futuristic in design, standing tall with a sense of elegance in your luxury designer interior space. The technology in the Tron is complimented with a sense of aesthetics that’s ahead of its time. If you have watched this movie, you know exactly what we mean. This luxury designer fan is offered in a classic modern white or a wooden finish to suit your home or office space.

Hawk Series:

A ‘fan’-favorite, the Hawk series is the must-have for your designer interior space. Its timeless look is complimented with great features such as the 360-degree oscillation and the integrated Eco Feature.  This enables you to adjusts its speed based on the temperature outside, making the new-edition Hawk a useful and smart addition to your modern home or office. We offer this one-of-a-kind designer fan in a Black Edition as well. Our latest twist to the Hawk Series is the launch of the hawk+, which allows you to transform this smart designer fan at your convenience. Just remove the stem to make the minimalist hawk+ drop from 54 inches to 34 inches!


Fancy a fan for your bathroom, walk-in wardrobe or kitchen? Personalize your Chotu the way you would like, this smart fan would serve you that perfect breeze, everytime. Heads up- It looks hella cute too!


We all need that one friend sometimes. The Buddy won’t let you down on a hot summer day when you need it the most. Its DC-powered fan is energy-efficient, lightweight, and smart. The eco-feature enables this designer fan to adjust its speed as per the room temperature. Its portability makes it a nice little travel buddy.


We are also launching our FanSmart series soon, so stay tuned! These luxury fans would be designed for the future, where IOT and smart homes would be commonplace for us. The future looks exciting!

So for the sake of our future generations, there has never been a better time to switch to the ‘smarter’ ways of living. Look no further than your home or luxury designer space to switch to a sustainable lifestyle. Start with your fan and do your bit to save our planet today.