9-Year Anniversary

As we mark our 9-Year Anniversary on the 25th of March, we would like to invite you to join in our week-long celebration. Right from 2012, we at Fanzart have been pushing the frontiers of design excellence, paired with award-winning functionality.

Today, we’re proud to partner with more than 80 stores on our journey to becoming India’s premier luxury designer fan brand. It’s been a humbling experience to wow and delight our clients-turned fanz-family, with many influential public figures in our esteemed list of clienteles including cricketers, Bollywood figures and business tycoons. Premier brands like the Leela, Titan, UB group, Sula, Wipro, Bosch, JSW and JW Marriott have also appreciated our collection of 130+ artisanal designer fans.

Over these 9 years, we have overcome various challenges that come along with being a pioneer in the industry. Let’s face it, if you’re looking at a niche like luxury designer fans in India, you’re bound to run into some complexities. Perseverance and resilience over these nine years has led us to bring to you a high-end product that sets the tone for luxury design in your home or even commercial spaces. Innovation has been the key driver for us, with technology developments like ‘whisper-quiet’ and ‘summer-winter’ paving the way for you to experience a unique breeze experience, every time.

Looking back, here are 9 Fanztastic moments we have had over these 9 years:

  1. 130+ designs to suit every style.
  2. Expanding to 80+ partner stores across India.
  3. Empowering 65+ business owners to take their businesses to the next level by becoming our franchise partners.
  4. 15+ Awards & Accolades.
  5. Getting patented technology and design patents on our fan models.
  6. Being adopted by established brands, business tycoons, actors and other celebrities.
  7. Being the elegant version of fans across residence.
  8. Having Perizaad Zorabian as our Brand Ambassador
  9. Getting into sports including Golf with Fanzart Eagles, Winner 2019 and Runner ups 20. Fanzart has also tired up and sponsored Basketball as well as cricket tournaments and many more.

We cannot wait to plan our Grand Celebration for our 10-year Anniversary!

After reflecting on what has been, we are super excited to announce on what’s been coming next! Hint hint: it’s going to be Fanz-smart-istic. With some of our models like the Humanoid already on the cutting edge of design combined with functionality, rest assured, our firm is future-proof and primed for stellar growth. Your love and support for us through this evolution has been nothing short of Fanztastic! Do feel free to schedule a consultation call with our fan experts to know more about our fans. Thank you