Luxury Gifting Ideas For 2021 Gift high-end presents this wedding season

There is so much to consider when you’re thinking about the ‘perfect gift’. You have to consider what your friend or relative would appreciate. It HAS to be well-thought-out. Budget matters too. If you’ve ever chosen a gift and had the creeping thought of “will they ever use this?”, Fanzart luxury designer fans have got you sorted. After all, no one likes their gift to get into that infamous ‘re-gifting’ cycle. That’s just an oh-no moment that’s avoidable.

Every culture has the tradition of giving and receiving gifts. It’s a way of expressing love, care, and appreciation. A gift has superpowers, it can repair a broken relationship or simply remind someone that you care.

Traditionally, gifts mean flowers & sweets, hampers of toiletries or cosmetics, perhaps a liquor bottle or if you get creative something more than just these. However, these things are overtly common and ephemeral in nature. Giving a gift that is going to remind your loved ones of you every time they see your gift elevates and strengthens your bond with them. Why not consider leaving a lasting impression that can be an integral part of their everyday life? Our luxury designer fans would make that lasting impact which would be appreciated for years to come.

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, wedding or a celebration of achieving a milestone, giving an elegant and beautiful piece of ceiling art is unique and personal. Weddings are not just about the bride and groom, it’s more of a festival involving families and trying to choose the best gift for the newlywed is stressful and a daunting task. The bride steps into a new home and it is always comforting to have a gift that will remind her of her loved ones whenever she enters her space. It is also a time when the newlyweds get a space of their own and decorating the new space is fun and there is nothing better than gifting them a piece of art that lights up their new home.

We are India’s largest luxury designer fan brand, with our 130+ Models being the epitome of a perfect blend of beauty and functionality. Our designer fans have been uniquely crafted to provide a ‘whisper-quiet’ breeze experience. You can gaze at the sheer brilliance and elegance of our designer art fans for a long time even by yourself (but hey, this is a gift, remember).

It’s a personal thing too, which makes your gift much more intimate and valuable. There’s a different fan for every mood. From the classical range of tiffany to the contemporary art of maple, we have a wide range of designs to suit your choice of gifting. You would get a wide variety of fans varying from 22 inches to 93 inches in blade sweep or diameter. The higher the sweep the larger area it covers. So, we have you covered if you are gifting it to someone who has a tight space or a large space.

Our designer fans are made to not only give you a luxurious breeze experience but also beautify your home by adding elements of grace, elegance & grandeur; all while being Eco-friendly and Whisper Quiet.

Fanzart brings you new-age solutions for the aged ones too. Our Whisper quiet technology ensures a peaceful and quiet sleep at your loved ones’ home. None of those mechanical whirring sounds or humming sounds. All our fans are completely Whisper Quiet with sound levels under 38dB. That is really quiet (almost pin-drop silence).

Why choose a Fanzart over every other fan brand? A designer fan from Fanzart checks all the boxes of being the perfect gift. Other than the 21 reasons listed on our previous blog thread, it also comes with beautiful packaging. Our designer aesthetics will surely be a gift that stands out (check out our pedestal fan collection to know what we mean).

Our fans are also super easy to assemble, and our technicians would be there to guide you along the way. Schedule a consultation call with our fan experts to know more.

So, this time when you are thinking about what gift should you be giving as a gift, think Fanzart.