TOP 10 BLDC Designer Ceiling Fans in 2022

Having BLDC technology in designer ceiling fans offers a breath of fresh air to your eco-conscious clientele, helping them contribute to decreasing the carbon footprint of luxury homes in India.  

To put it in perspective, the value the BLDC motor added to the designer ceiling fan was like what the LED light innovation did for the lighting industry. 

Some projections even state that the day all the ceiling fans in India would be powered by BLDC motors, India will be saving over 3MWs of power every hour!. You can read more about how the BLDC motor works here.

Brushless DC motors also contribute to making our luxury designer fans ‘Whisper-Quiet’, helping it deliver a silent, refreshing breeze under 40 decibels.

Our BLDC powered fans come equipped with remotes for ease of speed and room temperature control, with the help of Summer-Winter mode in our luxury fans.

With so many fantastic options amongst the 130 unique designer fan models, we know that choosing a ceiling fan can get a bit confusing for luxury interior decorators, architects and luxury homeowners. That’s why we’ve curated our list of the TOP 10 BLDC Designer Ceiling Fans in 2022 as a guide to adding functional art to your home

Number 10 is a 10/10 (with just 2 fan blades!)

Sleek and sexy looking, this 52-inch ceiling fan is made of specially handcrafted, polishable, light grain natural wooden blades! Perfect for most contemporary homes in bedrooms or living rooms – this 2 bladed ceiling fan can also be customised to match any colour!

We’re feeling breezy at cloud Number 9: An ultra-modern 54-inch sleek-looking designer ceiling fan that adds the charm of wood to your interiors and needs just  25W of Power. The Fanzart Feather can be customized to any colour of your choice. This wooden ceiling fan also has our ‘Summer-Winter’ feature which allows you to adjust the speed of the fan with remote control.

Number 8 takes up a small real estate:

At just 28 inches, this small designer ceiling fan is perfect for walk-in wardrobes, dining areas, kitchens, bathrooms and other dodgy spaces where you experience ‘dead air’ & no ventilation! The Fanzart MINION delivers a powerful quiet breeze of 7210 CFM due to its BLDC motors. Its multicoloured lights(18W) can be switched around with ease by this remote-controlled fan.

Number 7 creates an ambience of heaven:

Like to groove to music? The Bluetooth speaker in the fan makes this transparent, retractable blade fan with lights a joy to have in your luxury home!  Often used in kitchens, dining, kids’ room and more – the Shimmer is one of the most popular models for music lovers and stargazers.

Number six gets the hospitality sector in the mix:

The GrandMaster Series is Fanzart’s latest entry into Corporate or Hospitality interior decor. Having 4 sizes varying from 5ft to 8ft the GrandMaster adorns the ceilings of Hotel lobbies like JW Marriott and Corporate Offices like Bosch. The beautiful matte black finish, coupled with a powerful DC motor that works on the HVLS principle, makes the GrandMaster a stunning piece of relief for the saw p larger spaces.

Number five is a fan that makes one feel alive! Funky & Floral – The “Whisper-Quiet” Firefly has unusually large twisted ABS blades allowing it to create a vortex of breeze that’s unique to this 44 inches LED light fan. Offered in a limited edition Matte White finish or Walnut Finish to add a unique, contemporary style to luxury home interiors.

Number four helps you snooze after your chores:

Our executive director’s personal favorite, we have our MAGNOLIA designer fan, modelled on the petals of a flower! Its matte white color adds graceful elegance to this 5 blade fan. 

along with the silent and powerful breeze makes the Magnolia one of the most attractive Fanzart fans for any type of home interior. Multi-colour LED, Summer-Winter and the very unique Sleep feature make the Magnolia the perfect choice, and the 43-inch and 53-inch variants, allow this floral beauty to comfortably add grandeur to any part of a luxury home.

Three’s Company with 3 lighting options:

We have the futuristic-looking Nebula! The Nebula opens like a Space Ship and frees its retractable blades to give you a magical breeze experience. From Summer-winter to Sleep features to multicolour LED, the Nebula offers every possible feature and a wow factor that is a matter of conversation time and again.

Number two helps keep the home décor on cue:

With 14 collapsible Blades, 70 LEDs and 120 sparkly Crystals, our Venetian is a stunning high-end designer ceiling fan that offers both illumination & ventilation! It doubles up as a chandelier with a majestic opening and closing of its fan blades, adding subtle finesse to your interior design project.

There can only be one Numero Uno!

The Award-winning WINDFLOWER: With patented 5D Vortex blades, and ambient to bright lighting options, the Windflower sets the benchmark for luxury designer fans.

With colour options of Coffee, Champagne Gold and Rose Gold, the Windflower adds an element of royalty to any kind of home interior. Looking for more designer ceiling fan options? Fanzart offers 40+ limited edition unique models of BLDC fans that deliver a silent, eco-friendly, luxurious breeze experience while adding elements of art, elegance and grandeur to your home.

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