India’s 10 Best White Luxury Designer Fans for designing homes in 2022 | Matte White Finish Vs Glossy White Luxury Ceiling Fans by Fanzart

India’s 10 Best White Luxury Designer Silent Ceiling Fans for designing your home in 2022

Do you like your luxury designer ceiling fan spotless white, sleek & super-silent?

The unique designs in our top 10 best White Designer fans in 2022 come equipped with the latest innovations in fan technology, like our proprietary ‘Whisper-Quiet’ technology helps keep ALL of our 120+ designer ceiling fans under 40 decibels. These luxury fans add art to your interiors while having unique features like ‘Summer-Winter’, dedicated fan remotes for ease of control for fan speed or direction, and even BLDC Motors to turn them into energy-efficient fans that help you decorate your home!

Why Choose a White Colored Designer Fan for your home?

The color white has always symbolized peace, love & harmony. When it comes to decorating your interiors with elements of luxury, it defines elegance like none other.
But, what kind of White Designer Fan should you pick for your home? With a myriad of unique choices (120+ luxury designer fans) & color customization options that allow you to coat our designer fans in White, it can get challenging to pick out a designer fan that truly speaks to your style & personality

Matte-White or Glossy-White Fans: What kind of Designer Ceiling Fan should I pick for my interior space?

Love Texture, or that radiant bright shine? Pitted against each other,  picking the ‘best’ luxury designer ceiling fan from a Matte-Finished Designer fans Vs Glossy Luxury Designer Fans can be an exciting decision to take! It depends on your personal needs- whether it be the fanztartistic functionalities in our unique designer fans (Multicolored LED Lights, remote-controlled fans etc) or the sheer beauty and elegance of our limited edition ceiling fans (120+ Unique Designs)
Fanzart fans break it down, so you can accentuate your home interiors while adding a refreshing, silent breeze and ventilation for the entire space the ceiling fan is installed in.

Top 10 Designer fans in White Color by Fanzart:

1 ‘Salsa’ Glossy White Luxury Designer Fan

This 52-inch minimalist designer fan is Glossy White and finished with boomerang-shaped fine mirror ABS blades to accentuate the look & airflow in your bedrooms, WFH areas, or living rooms!

The fanzart ‘Salsa’ is also equipped with our special ‘Summer-Winter’ feature to help you control the temperature of the room and keep it cool during the hotter months, or warm & cozy during winter!

If moving toward the fan switch to change the fan speed or direction sounds like a cumbersome task for you, we offer a special solution where we can integrate a remote into the fan, to turn it into a remote-controlled luxury designer fan.

The fanzart ‘Salsa’ makes for a stunning addition to your modern interiors with a striking effect on your home ceilings. It’s truly a luxury designer fan to make you feel like dancing whenever you look at your ceiling!

2 Zen Glossy White Luxury Designer Fan

Inspired by the Japanese concept of intellectual stimulation, it is Zen’s simplicity that makes it stand out. Fanzart’s Zen designer fan will leave you mesmerized with its simplicity and sophistication.

The 3 ABS blades are finished with a glossy white finish giving it a mirror-like reflection. This 56-inch designer fan is equipped with multi-colored LED light, the remote enables you to switch between warm light, daylight/white light, and cool light options.

The Fanzart Zen emits a surreal aura and is best suited for Bedrooms, Dining areas, Drawing rooms, Dressing rooms, Family rooms, Hall, Living areas, Living rooms & TV Rooms.

3. Magnolia Luxury Designer Matte White Coloured fan

‘Magnolia’ stands out because it not only is this designer fan with ‘Whisper Quiet technology’ (under 40 decibels!), the fan blades move clockwise and counterclockwise to find that perfect mix of cool+warm breeze for your perfect nighttime rest.
The multi-colour LED light gives you the impression of light radiating from a flower. The 4 light options – Warm, Day, White AND mood lighting gives you the right ambience for the right time.
Mood lighting enables you to enhance the space you are in, this feature helps to soften the décor in a room. The 53-inch designer ceiling fan is fitted with a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor, making it energy efficient too!
With an appealing and modern take on floral design, the Magnolia (also offered as Magnolia X) is a great pick for your new house or home renovation project.

4. ‘DIVINE’ White Designer Fan

With its sexy, sleek white ABS blades mirroring celestial ring LED light fanzart’s 52-inch ‘Divine’ delivers a heavenly, ‘Whisper-Quiet’ breeze experience.
The main LED light also comes with the dimming option along with a multi-color LED option- making ‘Divine’ even more desirable. When turned on along with the fan it casts a partial eclipse-like reflection on the blades of the fan.
Choose lighting based on the activity in your space, be it warm light, cool light, or daylight as well as set the tone/mood for your evening. The Divine white is perfect for minimalistic, Scandinavian home interiors and can leave you with a sleek and minimal look along with an exceptional breeze 🌬️
It is also equipped with the innovative sleep feature, which when turned on alternates between different speeds giving you a breeze as well as relief, hence giving you uninterrupted sleep.

5. ‘Pappu’ Designer White fan in Glossy Finish

Simple, sleek, and stylish…Yes, the ‘Pappu’ Fanzart designer fan keeps it powerful and classy. Blending in with your interiors to give your room.
The 26-inch designer ceiling fan is crafted with 3 ABS blades and the glossy white finish can give your room a contemporary and minimalistic look. It is best suited to adorn the ceiling of your bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, or other designer areas inside the house.
The white can aesthetically brighten up a ceiling to add elegance to the ceiling.  The ‘Summer-Winter’ feature is an added feature in this fan.
Fanzart’s ‘Pappu’ Designer Fan is pocket friendly and excels in all performance aspects to make for a minimalist-looking fan.

6. ‘Shimmer’ Glossy White Designer Fan

 Connect your device wirelessly to the 44-inch Fanzart ‘Shimmer‘ to groove along with the powerful 10W Bluetooth-enabled speaker fan motor, which comes with retractable blades that glitter its multi-color LED light dome!

The addition of glitter makes it look like the starry night sky, making it perfect to sleep under. Your mood can set the ambience of your room by switching between the different light options, warm light, cool light, and daylight. The Remote-controlled Shimmer fan runs on Brushless DC (BLDC) motor and is equipped with Fanzart’s Summer Winter feature enabling the blades to rotate bi-directionally, controlled by a remote.

7. Jumble White Designer Fan

Don’t get jumbled up a radius of just 22 inches, the ‘Fandelier’ fanzart ‘Jumble’ is a fantastic fix for your interior space-saving needs.
The ‘Jumble’ is a remote-Controlled Fan with a High Airflow displacement(8000 CFM!). This BLDC Motor Eco-friendly designer fan has a Multi-Coloured LED light fan (110W) & can move its blades both ways with our unique Summer Winter Mode!

8. ‘Wave’ Designer Ceiling White Fan

The addition of a multicolor LED light kit in the Fanzart Wave White, makes this designer fan efficient and valuable addition to your space. Uniquely crafted blades, with flamboyance and flair, create a fan that adds an element of splendor to your room.

Wave white is designed with 3 high-quality ABS blades to give this glossy white luxury fan a mirror-like finish. The Wave white LED soothes your mind and the powerful breeze cools your body and lights up your space with its multicolor LED light kit.

The 50-inch designer fan runs on a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor making it energy efficient, absorbing 70% less power.

The Wave white LED also is an all-weather fan due to its unique Summer Winter feature that can be operated using a remote. It is an ultra-modern fan, that helps accentuate a modern home’s interior appeal.

9. ‘Wind-O’ Glossy White Customizable Fan

Our limited edition Wind-O White has a BLDC motor that makes it an energy-efficient fan along with the ‘Summer-Winter’ feature which is operated by the remote control.
This 52-inch designer ceiling fan has its blades designed at a unique angle to push more air into the room making your space breezy.

10. ‘Avalon’ White Customizable Designer Fan

Our sophisticated-looking Fanzart ‘Avalon‘ is a 66″ inch 6-Bladed beauty of a luxury designer fan, best suited for larger living spaces. It adds a refined industrial touch with its majestic white metallic finish.
Little nuances like the curvy design of the blades’ white housing can complement your space to suit the aesthetics and yet deliver an exceptional breeze experience.
Equipped with our unique ‘Summer-Winter’ mode, this eco-friendly BLDC motor designer fan delivers a powerful breeze of 14000 CFM!
Which of these designer fans did you like best for your home interiors? To learn more about our exclusive white luxury fans, download our catalog from here or connect with our team here for a one-on-one discussion.

Customizable Luxury Designer Fans in India (Limited Offering Only):

White doesn’t have to mean ONLY white now does it? With fanzart fans, you can bring home a pearly white, off-white, snow-white, ivory-white, Smokey-White, powder-white or any shade of white paint (Select from over 3600+ Colors) to choose to get your designer fan’s blades, motor housing or downrod to get coated with.
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